Inaugural Sunday Funny – Pray for the Unreached

Each Sunday I will post an image from the past week that made me chuckle–or maybe just shake my head and smile out of frustration…

This week the winner comes from the charming website Unreached People of the Day (

These folks identify and outline a new “unreached” people (presumably each day, but I haven’t bothered to go back to check) so that you can pray for them (a map highlighting the people’s specific geographic range is included in order to target your prayers appropriately). outlines specific instructions on how YOU can help “save” them — even linking to a “progress” map (courtesy of illustrating how many indigenous peoples have been successfully invaded by Christian missionaries.  



2 Responses

  1. This reminds me of a story I heard a little while back about a group who decided to create a highway of prayer:

  2. I love the way that the whole of Scotland and most of Spain falls under ‘formative or nominal Church’!

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