Katie Holmes’ Hands

Celebrity websites are all a-flutter at Katie Holmes’ bizarrely dark hands and what sort of Scientologic wackiness may be behind it. It’s all too easy to make fun of the silliness of Scientology, what with it being so silly and all… but this is really how religions get started.

Holmes Hands

L. Ron Hubbard writes a book making up a mythology that strikes a certain truthiness in people, followers carry it forward (in the case of Scientology with a certain strong-arm component), it attracts a few charismatic and vigorous proponents — a new Truth emerges for those with the questions these answers fit… 

Joseph Smith pulled the same deal with a little book he called The Book of Mormon,

Mohammed did it with one he called The Koran,

And a committee of folks did it a couple hundred years after a guy named Jesus died — they called it The Bible


9 Responses

  1. I suggest looking a bit further into the cult of Scientology. It is a highly organized criminal syndicate.

    lots of good info at http://www.xenu.net

    Just, you know, sayin… Your characterization of the hubbard mythology is kinda off base. They systematically destroy the minds of their adherents, and (far from ringing truthy) the crazy mythology is only revealed after all capacity for critical thought is removed.

  2. I agree that Scientology is far more aggresive and cult-like (but I should mention that certain sects of Christianity are not too different, even “mainstream” ones — watch Jesus Camp or Marjoe for good examples)…

    But it must, on some level, strike a certain ring of truth, or fill an unfilled need — if only to get the person “off the street” and onto the Scientologic path — then the subsequent brainwashing and fleecing can begin…

  3. it’s obvious! Scientologists, of the highest level, are granted super powers of illusion. those aren’t Katie Holmes’ fingers but rather belonging to the brother who is furthest right in the picture. his hand is in his pocket which can magically appear intertwined with Tom Cruise’s, a-la pulling a rabbit out of a tophat! Watch out Kriss Angel. actually, Katie Holmes’ best trick is disappearing from the latest Batman movie, thankfully.

  4. Did you know that Scientology actually has an Intelligence branch (called Office of Special Affairs, or OSA), and that six senior Scientologists (including Hubbard’s wife) went to jail for breaking into govt offices, and putting a bug in an IRS boardroom? They’ve co-opted law enforcement and government in the town of Clearwater, Florida. They’ve employed blackmail and shameless intimidation tactics to silence their critics. This stems from a Hubbard-written policy called “Fair Game” wherein the enemies of Scientology must be cheated, lied to, sued, or destroyed by any means available.

    My point being, the LEAST egregious thing about Scientology is their beliefs. Their criminal behavior overshadows it all!

  5. “My point being, the LEAST egregious thing about Scientology is their beliefs. Their criminal behavior overshadows it all!”

    Come to think of it, without researching it, I can’t name one “belief” they hold dear. You would think with the coverage they get, that something would stand out, like they believe in keeping kosher or some such thing. But nope, aside from jumping on couches, they are just out there. If only Nicole Kidman could speak…..

  6. I like the word truthiness.xx

  7. Have you ever read Jon Krakauer’s “Under the Banner of Heaven”? I only just recently read it, even though it’s been out for a few years, and it got me thinking about how a religion can so easily be started by a charismatic, fanatical person whose newfound “beliefs” and revelations so nicely dovetail with their own personal gains (money, wives, adoration, etc.). How conveeeeenient.

  8. the bible was not written by “a committee of folks after Jesus died,” dummy. the majority of the bible–of which over half is the same book followed by Jews, was written before Jesus walked the earth.

    secondly, scientology is not a religion. it is a corrupt business organization with the operations of a sinister cult. and its cult activities are very, very, VERY different from the operations of christianity, islam, and mormonism.

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