Vaccinations, Autism, Celebrities, and Wrestling… YES!

Nope, this isn’t Gawker—this is Truth Is a Woman… so why the hype, the sensationalism, the inanity? Yesterday Katie Holmes, today Jenny McCarthy?

Because I follow truth, dammit—and today it has led me to Jenny McCarthy… Oh and also wrestling


Let’s put this is in perspective. We watch TV, plasma TV, LCD TV, we talk on cell phones, we drive 80 miles an hour in metal and glass enclosed shells, we have sequenced the human genome, make regular forays into space, we can turn matter into energy (into a lot of energy, E=MC2 you know), doctors can trade your heart for a pig’s or for a plastic and metal electric motor… but when it comes to the link between immunization and autism, thousands of people believe Jenny McCarthy over science!!!!????


I know this shouldn’t surprise me, thousands also deny the holocaust and millions deny evolution, one can find many proponents to addle on that the earth is 6000 years old (because the bible says so) or that the earth is flat (also based on the bible), we believe in the predictive power of decks of cards—or the alignment of planets—or how tea leaves stick to bottoms of cups (this is known as the Art of Tasseography, in case you didn’t know)…


We are so credulous, and so fixed in our credulousity… That is what really gets me—we can be convinced on such thin evidence, and yet be so immovable when faced with massive amounts of contradictory proof…


Strange, isn’t it?


Anyway, that’s why you are reading about Vaccinations, Autism, Celebrities, and Wrestling on Truth Is a Woman.



2 Responses

  1. Задался вопросом отыскать необходимую инфу. И вот там много чего ищем даром, радостно проверил – толк есть.

  2. “;” that seems to be a great topic, i really love it `;’

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