PZ’s Mailbag

I wasn’t planning to write more about this after my previous post on it, but having read through some of the letters that PZ has received, I wanted to share one that reveals, on a couple levels, the kind of view that many with a “religious mind” seem to have:

so you are a biologist, huh. I presume you are quite acquainted with amoeba; you know the thing that divides and divides and divides without doing the thing that you and your wife do as a bedtime pastime.. no, you don’t know why it divides and divides and divides apart from appropriating it some kind of ‘intelligence’which it has not. so you see, you are quite stupid on that. Is that all you can be, a stupid biologist? you can’t even stop aging. look at your tummy!!!why didn’t you learn to be a philosopher? so at least you can understand the associations of words and their effect on society. how much do you love your son. myers? or are you looking at him just as a big blob – a collection of amoeba-like entities? a blob you could abuse to satisfy your animal instinct? given your state of biology-based stupidity, i presume it’s not immoral for you to fondle your son to satisfy your penis’ needs, huh? afterall you are not on any moral code; you are just a plain professor of biology, someone the world can survive without….just a blob of amoeba – a blob that is hell-bound until your 9th generation… you have also brought abomination to yourself and your generations to come. you are hell-bound, myers!!! I can only advise you to repent. go to a Catholic priest and confess….or hell shall be your rightful dues. we’ll see each other but from oppossite sides of the great divide…I’ll raise my hand to remind you, and you’ll raise your clenched hand with a grotesque face to acknowledge me but you’ll be naked and burning all eaten up by your generations of cursed posterity.  

It seems to be beyond such believer’s imagination that humans could have even the most basic emotions without God. And as for understanding how morality may have developed evolutionarily — as an aspect of our species creating an environment of cooperation that aided in our success — well that sort of logic is right out. I suppose all pack animal and herd animals must be touched with a “do not destroy” divine essence in order to keep them from tearing each other to little animal bits. I can’t understand how they can’t understand that emotion and morality make us more successful and how those traits were selected for during our evolutionary past. Realizing this doesn’t change a thing. We still love our children and still have a moral impulse… as I wrote in my last post, understanding cardiac-mechanics does not prevent us from feeling love in our hearts.  

As for the other mail PZ has received…

…let me mention the current tally: somewhere well above 12,000 hate mail messages from religious people, mostly Catholic; two reasonable messages from Catholics who said that while they are unshaken in their faith, they approve of my opposition to cracker idolatry; and zero comments of any kind from admitted Muslims.


2 Responses

  1. I am lost. I don’t understand what being a biologist has to do with amoebae and bedtime pastimes and tummies and stopping the aging process. I don’t think amoebas are what the writer thinks they are. Amoebae are single celled organisms, they don’t divide. And where does the leap from biology to pedophilia come from? Are people really this stupid? Morality is such an arbitrary concept and changes constantly with times. It was once a common practice to try and hang any woman who popped into the dream of any man as a witch. Or gathering a posse to hang a black man for speaking to or looking at a white woman. Hell a century ago it was immoral for a woman to show her ankles. So what is morality? how do we define it? How can we come to a conclusion that my rules of morality are better than yours?

  2. Ahahahaha….
    well, if i have to choose between hell and becoming crazy idiot like the one who wrote that, i choose hell!!! Tho i think being in church with all those lunatics is kind of a hell….

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