Unnatural Gays and Natural Evolution?

An example of the Appeal to Nature fallacy is something like this: Animals are not gay, so being gay must be unnatural; therefore, it is bad. 

It think it is pretty easy to see that simply because something is “natural,” it is not necessarily “good”. Viruses, cyanide, and cannabis are all natural, yet we brutally slaughter our colds, we seldom serve cyanide Jell-o brand gelatin at dinner parties, and we spend billions per year in an attempt to stop jam-band fans from partaking upon the ganja.

And yet, this “logic” is so compelling to some that they fear recognizing evolution (as the natural process by which humans have come to exist) would require us to enact the strictest types of “Social Darwinism” and to do so would be “right.” This viewpoint is the basis of the failed Ben Stein joint “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed,” and of the many faith-based decision makers who embrace what is “natural” when it suits them — and vilify it when it does not… 

But we are not bound to be mirrors of the natural world; we have both logical and emotional facilities given by nature and which may be used to evaluate nature. We are no more bound to be socially-darwinian than we are bound to be socially-electro-magnetic or socially-quantum. Oh, and by the way, homosexuality occurs in nature.


3 Responses

  1. Did you know, that in a speech, I think it might have been Jessie Helms, said homosexuality is like cleptomania or alcoholism.

    I don’t know why your examples reminded me of that?

    I think you need to expand on what you mean…did you mean to highlight homosexuality or just use it to state your argument about natural vs. unnatural?

    just curious.

  2. Fine. I’m here. I think it’s lovely that you have so much time to philosophize. You know what I think about? How to bathe my child with his arm on a cast? When do the Pushing Daisies and Supernatural seasons start? Did I ever get that load of laundry out of the dryer? When will my friend Ty return my phone call?

    Oh, and I was glad to see you recognize that homosexuality occurs in nature. I can personally attest to that as my female shepherd is presently humping my leg.

  3. […] is an example of the backwards Appeal to Nature fallacy that I pointed out the other day. I think I will start referring to this as the “Unappeal of Nature” […]

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