Amanda Peet versus Jenny McCarthy! But alas, no Wrestling…

This Holywood anti-vaccine thing is really getting fun. Apparently, Amanda Peet has decided to enter in on the side of evidence and medicine. Watch the video (it’s easier than reading) — toward the end you get to see JM do a nice bit of fear mongering… Meanwhile, I’m of to Mr. Skin to do a search on “Peet”, cao!


4 Responses

  1. 1. how can you possibly need to see Amanda Peet naked when you are a newlywed with a very hot wife? dude.

    2. why are you interested in this vaccine debate thing? how much do you know about it all?
    just wanting to know your angle dude.

  2. Amanda Peet = my new hero

  3. What the hell does “Green our Vaccines” mean, anyway???

  4. […] Posted on October 1, 2008 by Tyson Koska You may recall that some time ago I wrote about Amanda Peet taking on the wacky anti-vaccine crusaders “headed” by Jenny McCarthy. Well, it seems you can now vote your support for either […]

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