My “Incompatible Belief System” — Rejected by Baptists

In an attempt to spread awareness of my survey (which is an attempt to understand how people use religious labels and what those labels do or do not represent), I have been posting invitations at various discussion forums and blogs. I have gone into the realms of Christians, Atheists, and Muslims — many of which require registration before posting. This morning I received the following message:  

Dear tysonkoska,

Unfortunately your registration at did not meet our membership requirements. This may be because of an incomplete profile, incompatible belief system, or duplicate registration. Therefore your registration was deleted.

If you believe this was done in error please feel free to contact us.


Yikes. This particular forum is so insulated and single-minded that even my registration attempt was rejected. You may wonder what did I write in my registration that revealed my incompatible nature? I really don’t know. Here is a screenshot of the “theological” section of my registration attempt.

Maybe someone out there can tell me where I went wrong. I suspect it has something to do with being “saved by Grace?”


7 Responses

  1. definitely your birth date

  2. Maybe they were confused by the word “grace.” Perhaps Baptists don’t know the meaning of the word.

  3. Maybe because you lied to them.

    Googling “Tyson Koska” leads very quickly to information proving that you are not after all a Baptist who attends the First Baptist Church.

  4. I dunno… what about conversions, the “road to Damascus” — that sort of thing? Not to mention all the other Tyson Koskas out there? I would be surprised if name searches were how they determined who they let in to the discussions… but it may very well be…

  5. A church-going Baptist who doesn’t say “Jesus is my personal savior” for his statement of salvation didn’t just get his application flagged, they had to re-boot their server after that one. It’s mystifying though that they should reject anyone; I thought it was “all are welcome” when it came to religion, and an incompatible belief system simply means they’re supposed to take a shot at making you compatible. This is why their enrollment is down; apparently there are requisites to be able to follow Jesus, and the requisites to be a Baptist are even tougher.

  6. right, like the Marines. the few, the proud, the Baptists! haha

  7. “This is why their enrollment is down; apparently there are requisites to be able to follow Jesus, and the requisites to be a Baptist are even tougher.”


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