Religious Labels Survey Results: Week 1

First, thanks to all who have taken the time to complete the Religious Labels survey! Here are results from the first week of 428 respondents.

If you find these results interesting or informative please forward a link to your family and friends. My goal is to have at least 1000 respondents, but I would love to double or triple that.

Here is the URL…

Below you will find two results for each question asked. The first I am calling “Those who affirm belief in something they call ‘God’” or “God” Group, and the second I am calling “Those who do not affirm belief in something they call ‘God’” or No ”God” Group.

I find the results of questions #2 and #9 particular interesting… enjoy!

1. When someone asks, “What religion are you?” How do you reply?

“God” Group 



 No ”God” Group


2. Why do you use that label?

“God” Group


No ”God” Group


3. Do you typically add any modifiers to your response, such as one of the following?

“God” Group


No ”God” Group


4. Based on the tenets of the label that you chose, how accurately do your beliefs match that label?

“God” Group


No ”God” Group


5. Have you ever changed your label?

“God” Group


No ”God” Group


6. Have you ever considered changing your label?

“God” Group


No ”God” Group


7. Do you think it is important to understand the tenets represented by a label before using it?

“God” Group


No ”God” Group


8. When meeting someone for the first time, does it make you feel more comfortable to find out they use the same label or have the same views on religion as you do?

“God” Group


No ”God” Group


9. How certain/uncertain are you of the existence of God? (if you are an unbeliever, interpret this as an Abrahamic God)

“God” Group


No ”God” Group


10. In the context of religion, has this survey changed the way you think about labels?

“God” Group


No ”God” Group



9 Responses

  1. I consider this survey seriously flawed in its choices. It was written to separate some god-believers from non-believers. Everyone seems to be an atheist with respect to other gods; Christians are atheists in denying Allah and Shiva.

    It begs the question as to which god-faith. Which religious tradition from what early childhood training?

    I disbelieve in all supernatural claims, from astrologers to magnetic bracelets to faith healers to pyschic gurus. I think it is irrelevant whether some god exists or not. The concept of a god seems silly to me, but in any case has no relevance for practical matters of humans.

    Where is the option to say that a god does not matter?

  2. Kiri, I understand from this comment you have not actually taken the survey, if you do, you will find that nearly every question lets you fill in an answer if you don’t like any of the choices.

  3. The people who blew up the twin towers seemed to think the existance of Allah was relevant.

  4. Kiri, what do you think should be changed or added to the survey? (after you take it of course)

  5. Do I smell “because I said so”????

  6. I find question 7 interesting. The god group were no surprise but the answers from the non-theist group I think shows that these individual have not yet started to question dogmas.

    By stating tenets of faiths have a special status you’re basicly allowing different dogmas a protective umbrella.

    It would seem concious raising as promoted from Sam Harris et al. about the artificial immunity of religion have not hit at large yet.

    However, I suspect a large portion of the “very important” alternative subscribed to the “I say I have no religion” label. May I ask Koska if this is the case?

    In question 9 I’m a little surprised about the relatively large portion non-theists picking absolutly 0% chance. It would seem many have a certainty about something unprovable.

    Lastly, I most note that the god group is quite large and involves such labels as pantheist, which will change the statistics slightly. If you find “god” in a lump of coal then pantheists are theists as well. This is not what is normaly meant with a religion however. Maybe a “metaphoric god” group for the next update.

  7. WOW. so many responses…glad this is going so well for you. Hope it helps with your thesis. I thought the results were what I thought it would be.

    Its hard to answer no/yes types of questions regarding this subject so I kind of see Kiri’s point but the aim of this survey to disucss how we view our own labels, percieved by self and others, right? Its not a “explain the exisitence/non-existence of god.

  8. […] He’s got well over 400 respondents so far, and would like to hit 1000. For your edification, the interim results – why not go give your two […]

  9. This response is for Kiri,

    I would argue that the majority of intellectual/well-studied, Christians are in fact NOT atheistic in regards to other God’s. I would submit that other god’s are demons… there is a demon for example named Allah.

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