When Bad Prices Happen to Good People

Skarpowsky here.

Saw this in today’s Express (the miniature paper version of the Washington Post, and it is also being widely reported online).

Perhaps a more vexing question than “Why is there evil?” or “Why do bad things happen to good people” is…

If ‘God owns everything; he owns the gas’ is true, why on earth has he been raking us over in Job-like fashion with our gas prices? What have you people done to anger him so!?


3 Responses

  1. hmm. so i decide to check out ty’s blogs which came highly recommended by a good friend…i was let down to see that the opening post is this one. is this meant to be funny or serious…because of you’re serious this is no good. god really has nothing to do with gas prices.

  2. First off: yes, not serious. Kind of an ironic news happening. Just tagged it with ‘tongue-in-cheek’.

    Second: Don’t judge a blog by a single posting. There is tons more to read on here than my meager contribution.

  3. What I find most concerning is that while we laught at the ridiculousness, the prayers in this article do not and there are people who actually believe in this isht. There are people who are okay with throwing their hands up and letting God take over. People who actually believe that He will. Those people should be locked up in the same place as those people who kill and then say they were instructed to by God.

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