Sunday Funny #6

I dunno, It looks to me as if the kids on the right have a touch of schadenfreude… (this is yet another cartoon from Ray Comfort’s blog)…


6 Responses

  1. Had to look that one up…and yep…I think you are correct!

  2. A) I am SUPER IMPRESSED that that was already a word in my vocabulary. GO ME! B) Er, don’t you kind of think that’s most Christians? Where there is a culture who has yet to find god, there are peoples minds to turn. Without good there can be no evil. Without the damned you’d have no one to make you feel better about your acceptance of Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Plus, these damned souls give them a purpose, don’t you think? Or is that the point? Sometimes, I’m dumb and I miss the sarcasm.

  3. i know this is slightly off subject, but i have a question. what do you live for? what is your purpose? i find that i need some purpose, without that i fear there is no reason for me to continue living…

  4. I’m going to make a bold assumption that you are asking me what is my ultimate dream, that is, if I could do anything what would that thing be? …and as trite as it may sound, that thing would be to contribute to world peace. My goal is to help, in some small way, bring about a state of mind where people lessen their in-group/out-group ways of perceiving others based on “faith” in things they really do not know. I believe that near to the root of all the world’s problems is that one simple and flawed perspective — that somehow people can “know truth” based on nothing more than a vague feeling or a passionate desire for it to be so.

    Truth may be out there, but our limited ability to glean it is constantly being undermined by those who speak too loudly, too confidently. I believe we need a dose of humility, a little more willingness to be wrong. Truth is whatever it is, and I am driven to understand it, no matter how many layers it hides beneath. You ask about my purpose? My purpose is to understand, I guess… but in that willingness to understand, I have found that so many people who claim to know, really do not. And if we could realize that one important lesson, that no one has a corner on truth, that being “in” or being “out” is not based on skin color, sex, gods, or whatever… I believe the world would finally find a bit more peace.

    P.S. I just realized that the question may have not been meant for me! Oh well, I answered it anyway…

  5. the question was for you… 🙂

  6. […] to share and ask others’ opinions on. It started with this posting in the comments section of Sunday Funny #6: i know this is slightly off subject, but i have a question. what do you live for? what is your […]

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