‘Truth is a Woman’ Needs a Woman’s Help

Ok, so I’m at Merriam-Webster’s looking up the definition of “bruit” when I see this ad on the right side. I read it. Then I take out my eyes, dust them off, and reinsert them into my skull. I read it again.

Still not fully grasping what I am seeing, I click-through and this appears…

I have to tell you, I cannot imagine a woman who would order this. I mean, I can imagine the guy who wrote it, thinking to himself, “Oh yeah, this is just what women need!”

Uh… er… wtf!?

I can only hope that if someone orders this compendium of “secrets,” they receive an email that says, “You are a dumbass. You cannot blame yourself for your boyfriend being a prick. You can blame yourself for dating him, but you did not make him a prick. He is a prick all on his own. And if you are still dating him… GET OUT NOW!”

Ladies, enlighten me please!


2 Responses

  1. So for Christmas 2 years ago a girlfriend and my mother bought me the same book “He’s just not that into you”. I read it and realized the problem wasn’t dudes. It was me. They aren’t as complex as we give them credit for, no offense. But isn’t it woman’s mission to change man? So instead of giving up they wanna learn your ways so they can help you be better. A few weeks ago I was at the shore. A couple jogged past, each listening to their own ipods. The girl was still trying to have a conversation with the guy and he couldn’t hear her (DUH!) she pulled his earphones out and said “You have to turn that down. That is an unacceptable level.” WTF?!? And he did what she demanded. Bullshit, I thought. But I’m sure she was silently patting herself on the back for making him comply for making him such a good boy!!

  2. wow, while reading this my body was literally shaking with laughter. this is beautiful, wrong, but beautiful. a perfect example of the plight of mankind’s relational problems. one of my fav books on this subject is “wild at heart”. it is largely women’s fault for the lack of a man’s heart in relationships. idk ’bout you, but we(being women) have made men into is a ridiculous sight. we ask them to be nice and mind their manners, while that is truly no where near anything their hearts would aspire too, not that they wouldnt be “nice”, it just wouldn’t be the suffocating goal that it has become. how many boys do you know who dream about being a “nice guy” when they grow up?? no, they dream of fighting the bad guys or saving the girl. again, idk, but that sounds pretty good to me…any guy who wants to come in and save me…well, lets just say he’s def getting bonus points… 🙂

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