The Best of Truth: The Very First “BoT” Award!

Often the comments that folks leave here make me laugh out-loud or sometimes pause in quiet reflection. Other times they make me fear for the future of the human race — be that as it may, I’ve decided to create a “Best of Truth” award. I just want to call attention to what I think are the funniest, most intelligent, or thought-provoking of the comments left behind.

As you can imagine, it was tough to choose, and that’s why I’ll be handing props out to a coupla of ya — but alas, only one BoT award will be given. So here are the 5 runners up: 

1. The first one comes from Megan, whose comments I particularly like when she’s all riled-up, which, it appears, is often. It is from “God Bless America” (guest-blogged by Skarpowsky): 

That’s how I feel when I get the “God bless and keep you” Christmas cards from people I know don’t give a shit if God blesses or keeps me anything. I think it’s hollow, “God bless America”, that is. Just like like hollow “I’m sorry for your loss” condolences after you lose a loved one. People say it because they just can’t think of anything better to say that accurately depicts their feelings. Does it really matter in politics though? Or is it like the war on drugs…even those who want to legalize the use of marijuana can’t come out and say they are AGAINST the war on drugs or they’ll effectively kill their political career. Likely so, I’m pretty sure anyone ending a speech with “F-America, God hates you” would probably meet the same fate.

I think that last line precious!

2. This one — and the one that follows — say profound things about scientific inquiry and scientific awe. It was hard for me to pick just one comment from Yeiser, but here it is (from “Color Blind”): 

Although I will concede that the impetus behind science seems to be to at least an attempt to find some ultimate truth. It’s kind of sad and heroic, in a way. In the search for ultimate truth, we have to do away with the notion that we can ever really know anything 100%.

3. This one is from Roger, who, I have just learned, is not even a native English-speaker… (from “I Reply that I Do Not Have a Religion”):

Yes, like the feeling one may get from contemplating that we all are literally made of stardust?

This is what makes me the most sad. Many people will never know this feeling. Religion may conjure these feelings too, but with much pretending and effort. I dare say what is true and real is massively more inspiring and sophisticated.

4. And who could forget Jay’s wonderful deconstruction of the oldest joke? (from the post called “Uf”):

I am compelled to leave a comment about the ancient fart joke, I can’t resist; I just don’t want you to think that of all the pieces I would chime in on this would be my choice of the most relevant. Although the thought did occur to me…

I’m kidding. I just thought we’d figure it out together, shall we?

This is from an era that lacked Improv-quality delivery, this was coming from the “see if you can snatch the pebble from my hand” kind of guy. Can’t say anything to you directly; no, everything’s got a moral or it’s a puzzle to be solved to figure out the meaning. It’s a double-negative, it’s a young woman on her husband’s lap, a young bride WILL fart on her husband’s lap. Because she can. She’ll also giggle about it, and he’ll think it’s the most charming thing ever.

Just abstract it, look at it for what it probably meant back then; the ancient equivalent and tasteful way of telling a guy he’s pussy-whipped. How much was there to talk about back then anyway, right?

5. This comment from Jesse had me spitting out of my nose whatever it was I was drinking (from “‘Host-age’… Really?“):

Christianity is like Night of the Living Dead, fascinating and fun to watch but i wouldn’t want to live it.

And finally the big winner, this comment from Miriam stumped me, really got me thinking… I’m still thinking about it (from “Coming Out A”):

On another sort-of-related note, I have a genuine question for your audience. Last night, my 5-year old daughter asked me, “Mommy, I know when we die our bodies turn to dust, but what happens to the rest of us?” Sigh … such big-girl questions. And therein lies the argument for religion … soothing the fears of our children/selves. But … I wasn’t quite ready to take that one on right b4 bed, so let’s just say I caved and said, “some people think x, y, z, but Mommy doesn’t really know.” So, as an atheist-agnostic-humanist-scientist, how the hell does one answer a kid’s question like that without scaring them to death … about Death?

So Miriam, you win 1 BoT from Ty, which — in a beauty of fiduciary symmetry — is worth exactly 1 Thai Baht (do me favor, though, don’t cash it till Friday)… now please, a few words?


6 Responses

  1. Woho! I’m in the hall of fame!

  2. Wow! -snif- Whatta surprise! So … SO unexpected! An honor! And such stiff competition! Areya sure?! -snif- I mean, I don’t quite know what to say …

    How ’bout, “you like me? you really, ….?”
    No. Too pathetic.

    How ’bout “Amen, to your blog, my friend!” …
    Hmph, obvious problems.

    How ’bout I quote my five-year-old again [channeling Jimmy Durante] “I GOTTA LUVYA, MY BRUTHA!”

    So, I gladly accept this mad victory! You see my friends, the Promise still lives!

    Now what does a BoT award get me, exactly? Do I get to shove you on my mantel?

    Dress well. Something sparkly, perhaps? I’m havin’ company tomorrow night.


  3. Wow! I feel honored, kinda like in the 5th grade when I got “Honorable Mention” in the Science Fair for my experiment “How to Teach a Fish”.

    And yes, yes I do (get riled that is)…often…and it is so easy to get my started.

  4. I was robbed. I demand a recount.

  5. haha! there are more ‘spitting from the nose comments’ where that came from. this is a great idea to bring out our competetive desires and i think the first step to the PRB.

  6. […] was about this time our commenters became somewhat more active and we hosted The Best of Truth: The Very First “BoT” Award. The winner was Miriam — who has yet to be unseated because TIW editors have been to […]

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