How to Mask Your Racism with Anti-Racism Racism

Dinesh D’Souza posted some inane ramblings last week, which are hard to know if he typed with a straight face…

In an essay entitled “Obama and the End of Racism” he states in the first paragraph:

Perhaps the best way to recognize Obama’s historic achievement is to vote for John McCain this November.

His reasoning is based on this conjecture:

The more privileges they [the Obama’s] have received on the basis of race, the more embittered they seem to become.

I love how this swipe is just put out there — no evidence to support his claim, no willingness to elaborate. He paints the picture of “welfare royalty,” King and Queen O, the pampered and priveledged couple, harboring bitter feelings of resentment toward the hardworking (implicitly white) taxpayers who have vaunted them into a life of leisure and fortune… wtf is D’Souza talking about?

On top of that he argues there really are no race problems in the US (because Obama is the Democratic nominee) and even if there were race problems, the best way to deal with them would be not to talk about them. His position is summed up nicely by his closing paragraph; first:

The solutions are obvious. If you want to get rid of racial obsession, stop talking and thinking about race so much.

And then:

If you want a party that stands for color-blindness and equal opportunity, you might consider voting for the Republicans.

The problem is that he is equivocating on a truth. Yes, if we were not concerned about race, we would not discuss race and, by definition, we would not be racist. But to ignore the problems is not the same as creating an environment where race is unimportant. “Ignoring” is not the same as “nothing to see,” and unfortunately, the US is not yet at the “nothing to see” stage (and yes, the problems are on both sides of the race line)… 

The worst part of this, though, is that some people will read D’Souza and think, “Yeah! Voting for the black guy is racist!


21 Responses

  1. I think a sure way for a thing to hold less importance is when it become less important. I wish people didn’t see other people in such rigid roles – Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Black, White, Latino, Rich, Poor, Men, Woman. It doesn’t seem like it’s racism so much as is classificationism, roleism, pigeonholeism. Just as many people asked “Is America ready for a woman president?” as I heard asking “Is America ready for a black president?” I think in a perfect world we could all see people as genderless, faceless, colorless people. And believe that any one person can do the same things as any other person when people are given the opportunities to do so. Perhaps it’s naive. But as long as we have people who so strongly believe that others not belonging to the perfect race can do the same things, we will continue to live among hateful, closed-minded, and empty people. Fuck! People make me sad.

  2. Race is a major issue in this country. Every part of it. Every institution. Every political party. Every everything. There is no “party of inclusion.” It is not better in the north. It is not worse in the south. Every single person in this society must confront racial politics every day.

    I feel that it is an issue that cannot be solved by anyone now living. The best we can do is try to treat individuals with respect.

    After all, what is a society if not the aggregate of many small interactions?

  3. i do understand where he is coming from. in our quest for political correctness, the white male is getting left behind. there are groups to support and help every kind of person except the white male. he simply gets left out in the cold, racist or not, sexist or not. no one will vote for him simply because he is a white male, though, Obama will undoubtedly get votes because he is black, and Clinton would have gotten votes because she is a woman. we are racist, just turning the tables…making racism ok, as long as it is against the person who has held oppurtunity th longest.

  4. i disagree, there are plenty of people who will vote for McCain simply because he is a white male, but it is no longer the majority’s way of thinking.

  5. I think the idea of “the white male getting left behind” only serves to further this racist society. It’s not about the white man being left in the dust and suffering from reverser racism. It’s about the other classifications of non-white, non-male people having the gumption and the rights to go for opportunities previously kept from them. Let’s just call the white man the hare and everyone else the tortoise.

  6. …but if a white male decided to start a group in his workplace that would fight for the rights of only white males, he would be assumed a racist and sexist. no, instead, he must quietly shrink back from any rights he might have had, becuase otherwise those who yell louder will ruin what he does have going…

  7. Maybe you could state what you have in mind. What sort of rights do white males need to fight for? What sort of things are they denied based on their race or sex? Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the abstract elements of these conversations, but if we can point to real rights and/or discrimination, then it becomes easier to understand.

  8. for me it seemed that way while i was working at Best Buy. there was a group for every race or sexual orientation, except for the white male. i have seen many men, who were perfectly able to do incredible jobs, get passed up because there was someone like a woman, or black man, or hispanic woman, or homosexual man. it really didn’t matter that a white male had been there longer, or could do a better job, what mattered was that he didnt have pull from a support group that threatened to cause problems. his problem is that he isnt willing to cause any.

  9. Hmm, that’s pretty interesting… was there, in your experience, “clear” evidence of discrimination? What I mean to say, were there objective promotion criteria that were being disregarded? If so, that is grounds for legal action… We all have rights in the workplace, even us white males!

  10. That’s crap. You do an injustice to every non-white, non-male person who ever “wins” any perceived victory over any white, male person. I just got a job offer OVER a very good white, male friend of mine. We were both qualified for the job he had strengths and weaknesses just as I did which made us both good candidates for the job. Should I now wonder if I was offered the job because I pack a large rack, too? I feel sorry for you if you know people who are being prejudiced against and they don’t have the gumption to put a stop to it. I feel really sorry for you if you look at other people and see skin color or boobs and throw your hands up because you know you can’t possible “win” against “those people”.

  11. I am a woman. and it was simply what i saw. if you more qualified, i hope you got it. but when the balance is tipped because of being a woman or because of race, the prejudice is against the white male. we have turned the tables, feminism has moved too far. now we do to them what they did to us. i would get no satisfaction in a job that i only got because i threw my weight as a woman around.

  12. i am not saying all this man said was right, just simply that i can understand why his line of thinking is the way it is.

  13. The main article: How is it less racist to urge voters to vote for a white leader BECAUSE the leader of the other party is a colored person? If the republican party truly is color-blind, why is this even an argument? Am I the only one thinking this D’Souza have a streak of schizophrenia, ignoring racism and in the next stroke using it in an argument?

    Selected commentators: Yeah, isn’t “Is America ready for a [insert none white, male] president?”. The white house have housed many presidents, I don’t think there’s any problem in that end.. Listen to the arguments, that’s what counts, and realy, you don’t need an european ancestor to have good arguments.

    This issue is an example of a moving zeigheist, so it isn’t something that’s going to be solved over night. But it is being solved by everyone now living as a part of the process, and it is done exactly by treating persons as individuals.

    It’s important to note that in a society with equal opportunity we’ll still not see a perfect employment distribution between different groups. It would be quite natural that the white man would be in minority in some companies. What’s important is if this is a larger trend where a group is recurently ignored.

    The solution is either to start a movement for white males, or change job.

    Saying that we can’t help being racist is a most depressing outlook in my mind. Sure there’s reports stating we associate easier with persons of our own race, but this doesn’t say we can’t trancend those tendencies.

  14. Roger said:

    “How is it less racist to urge voters to vote for a white leader BECAUSE the leader of the other party is a colored person? If the republican party truly is color-blind, why is this even an argument?”

    Yup, that’s the whole point, my friend!

  15. Good, then I know I understood the whole thing 😀 You have a few strange things going on over in the US..

  16. Kudos, Roger!

    So where are you? Only reveal if you feel comfortable.

  17. Lets have a guessing competition 😀
    It’s 4 am localy at the time of this posting, have fun guessing!

  18. oh, and tyson; keep quite..

  19. oooh fun. hmmmm. what time is it now?

  20. Bah.. you’re no fun 😛 . but if you don’t want to know…

  21. […] a “George Obama Compassion Fund.” Now keep in mind this is the same D’Souza who I blogged about when a he insisted it’s racist to vote for Obama. This is the arch-conservative D’Souza who loves Palin because of her religious views and who […]

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