More Comfort, Ray

I don’t know why I do this to myself, but every other day or so I check out Ray Comfort’s Blog. It’s where I get most of the silly cartoons I post on Sundays. Anyway, in this post a girl named Kaitlyn writes in to express her views on abortion, saying:

“I just thought maybe we could work toward an America in which no one wants an abortion as opposed to making it illegal and having people get it anyway in very dangerous environments. That’s just how I see it. I guess I do want it both ways. I want to be both pro-life in terms of my personal life and pro-choice in terms of how I vote.” Kaitlyn

Here is gentle Ray’s response:

Kaitlyn. I appreciate your honesty. However, this is in essence what you are saying, “I want a German in which no one wants to kill Jews as apposed to making it illegal and having them killed in very dangerous environments. I want to keep Jews alive in terms of my personal life and have them murdered in terms of how I vote.” Nice.

I thought about correcting his spelling/grammar mistakes so that he didn’t appear quite so illiterate, but in honor of his beloved trinity, I let them stand — or maybe “trinity” is not the right word, but “trifecta”… Ray is a trifecta of idiocy… Yes, he is all three: illogical, illiterate, and an ass.


4 Responses

  1. Wow, Gentle(gentile?) Ray hit the nail right on the head. those damn Germans….i’m glad i’m only 3/4 German and not a pure bred, that 1/4 Polish really saved me from being a mass murderer! Thanks Ray!

  2. When did they connect abortion and Nazism? I mean it’s obvious that there’s a direct link, he explains it so eloquently above but I’m so confused. I’m pro-choice but I had no idea that I also wanted Jews killed, too.

  3. Well, its easier to dismiss that girls views with nazi references than it would be to aknowledge that women and children are woefully under cared for in our country and for all the anti-abortion people who think its murder to simply stop at just don’t ‘murder your baby’ than it would be to actually step up, provide prenatal care, services for all children and families.

    The path of least resistence and the one that makes the least sense is the one most often taken in our country, it seems to me.

  4. Pardon the incongruity, but “Lord.”

    Thank you for visiting his site so we don’t have to! [lol]

    I understand the impulse. Every now and then I feel like I have to turn on the O’reilly Factor–just to get myself good and pissed off.

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