Sunday Funny #8

I pulled this image from a “Christian Identity” website called KIng Identity.

You may not be familiar with Christian Identity so I’ve included some of their justification for the image below it…

Some of you will be disturbed by what you see on our web site and in the material we distribute. You are not interested in truth, and will use overworn clichés such as “you can make the Bible say anything” to justify your ignorance and unwillingness to take an honest look at what the Scriptures teach. You would rather parrot the politically-correct lies told by the media and Judeo-Christian churches of today. You follow the religious traditions of men, yet reject our belief in traditional Christianity, “the faith once delivered”, because you love the world more than God.

We are careful to support what we say with verifiable facts. For instance, the Hebrew word for Adam (Strong’s Concordance #120) means “ruddy, to show blood, flush, turn rosy”, in other words, a White man. Archeology has proven that there were other races on the Earth many centuries prior to Adam (who Bible chronologists date from about 4,000 – 6,000 BC), the Bible also teaches this in Ezekiel 31 and elsewhere. Adam was not the first man, but the first White spirit-man, a son of God (Luke 3:38) made in His likeness (Gen. 5:1). Common sense and the study of genetics tells you that all races could not have come from Adam, especially those who lived many centuries prior to him.


6 Responses

  1. Simply appalling! I remember some passages of scripture and that’s enough to classify it as barbabaric stoneage moral.

    Now, this version of creation is new to me.. But doesn’t the name creation mean it’s what happened first? It seems it’s not enough the christian bible is hopelessly inconsistant, its followers need to screw things over another ten times.

    In fact this is just another “god in the gap” argument. God is the default hypothesis where science have yet to investigate the thruth. Note however, that these suggested ancestors still wasn’t around before 6000 BC (sigh).

    The concept of verifiable fact is something they should give more time to understand as well. Nothing is true just because it’s writen down. Contrary, the older the statements are the more likely they are to be false, just from the fact that we’ll know more now than at the time of writing.

    And finaly I’m quite amused that the trinity have been extended to a quartet.. We’re still waiting for the evidence for the connection between a man which history have great trouble verify, an entity outside the universe and… something more. Another son of god would make the box quite crammed.

  2. Well, that’s gut-wrenchingly disgusting. Seriously, how does one begin to do battle with that? Reason/logic/science? I’m only guessing, but my bet’s they’re not interested. Did you click on the link for white, christian ladies only? and they have a “children’s catalog!” unreal.

    So, while my stomach is getting good and clenched, I thought I’d throw this in for ya: [cause I’ve become a fire breathing monster over all things Palin].

    What era are we living in again? When was the Age of Reason? 300+ years ago? Some of us have come a long way, baby.

  3. wow, thanks for the info Miriam…i’ve been keeping out of the election’s propaganda because i didn’t want to become jaded with whomever captures the seat of president. i appreciate you keeping up with this, it makes sense the highlighted comment she made of God sanctioning the Iraq war, or so i read a few days ago on CNN.

  4. So, uhm, it’s good to see yet another example of Christians being so Christianly.

  5. That Michael Palin for president is a real hoot. Thanks for sharing the link.
    I checked out the other link to the third wave and it’s got my head spinning. This religion came from that, and so on and god, god, hell fire and whatnot!!!!! WOW

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