You’re worried about something, aren’t you…

I’m going to start doing this sort of thing randomly… you know, at parties or at work — or where ever…

“I had this strange dream about you last night… and there was this blue letter M floating behind you… does that mean anything to you? It had something to do with a pain, like an internal pain… i don’t know, did you know someone who had a heart attack?… or is your Mom ok? is she having stomach problems? You tell me… i know something is going on… what is it? And there were voices behind you, behind the letter M, or was it an N… oh, it was an N? Your Nanna? What did the voice say? It’s funny you should ask, and now that I think of it, it was definitely a woman’s voice, Nanna said ‘I’m okay,’ or ‘I forgive you’… does this make sense? And she mentioned a watch, and something that happened near water, do you remember that?”

Seriously, I’m going to start doing shit like that… and nobody better bust me out!

Here are more lessons if you want to do it too…

hat tip: Bad Astronomy


2 Responses

  1. haha, you can borrow my David Blaine book on magic if you like, lots of good mentalism in there too.

  2. So some wacko ancestor hunter contacted my dad. He’s supposedly related to us on Pop-pops grandmother’s side (Barbara Kocka, married to Wensilaus). I think Barbara was his great-great-great grandmothers sister or something. So apparently they were gypsies and one of Barbara’s other sisters was a fortune teller. So you shouldn’t have any problem there. I’m going with tea leaves myself.

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