This is screwed up on so many levels…

I hardly know where to start… 

Last week on Ray Comfort’s blog someone posted a comment, and here it is:

“You just don’t get it, Ray. Your God is so psychotic that I wouldn’t worship Him even if you could prove He was real, which thank God, you can’t. Your own Holy Book says that your God drowned 99.9999% of all air-breathing life on the planet. Kittens, Ray. He drowned jillions of kittens–and you worship Him. Are you crazy or what?” Captain H.

Okay, the comment is kind of silly — but it’s also cute, and we get the point — The God of the bible is petulant and needlessly cruel. The response that Ray posts to this comment, first made my head explode… after searching around and piecing my brain and skull back together with Big League Chew and Post-It Notes (Registerd Trademark of 3M), I decided to re-post his answer here… let’s go through it together…

Ray’s response begins reasonably enough:

Why are you so upset? As an atheist, you believe that no one made the kittens. There was nothing, and then, over time, there were jillions of cute kittens.

So far so good — I mean, I might quibble with the “there was nothing” bit… because we really can’t say there was “nothing” can we? Let us just say, we don’t know what there was prior to the big bang, it may very well have been “something” (if you can assume a complex being like God as forever existing in the past, you can just as easily assume simple “stuff” as well — and more likely I might add). In any case, Ray seems to use this observation as a springboard for further “reasoning”:

Besides, for an atheist, life has no rhyme nor reason, and there’s no absolute right and there’s no absolute wrong. So, in your book, God ultimately didn’t do anything morally wrong.

All of this is so very confusing, “life has no rhyme nor reason”? Really? Peely? McGreeley? Ok, so now it has rhyme, and insofar as Ray is attempting to reason, I might even say he proves that it does (although his reasoning is quite bad)… There are no absolute rights and wrongs? Well, I’m inclined to agree with that statement (although it’s a somewhat subtle argument) but in any case, it doesn’t follow that without “absolutes” we can’t have non-absolute rights and wrongs… you know, things that are right or wrong situationally and for us.

Then Ray gives us this: 

Are you as angry at veterinarians (who in the United States kill around 12 million cats each year) as you are at God? They kill them Captain. Cats and kittens (and dogs). When did you last get angry enough about cat and kitten deaths to picket outside a vet clinic?

Er… huh!? Ooooo those horrible veterinarians that euthanize sick and unwanted pets! It’s as if they are drowning whole populations in torrential floods! (No, it’s not)…  

Besides, if God made the kittens, He has the right to kill them, if He sees fit to do so. I’m sure you know that cats breed like rabbits. Can you imagine how overrun the earth would be by now if God hadn’t killed those jillions of kittens?

Again, WTF! Does Ray mean parents ought to be able to kill their 42-year-old accountant son with a wife and 2 kids in Scottsdale? Just as Bill Cosby’s Dad used to say, “I brought you in this world, I can take you out!” But then, Ray reasons further (as if God’s “right” to kill whomever, whenever He chose wasn’t enough). Ray says that if God didn’t kill those rabbits, er kittens, er… whatever… we would be overrun… Well, Ray really needs to watch Animal Planet so that he can learn how predation and population “control” works in nature…

So, the next time you are upset about God and His judgments, remember that if cats came by the process of evolution (and all cats die), God didn’t kill them, evolution did. So get mad at your own beliefs and lighten up when it comes to others. Live and let live.

Wow, what stunning idiocy. What feeble use of logic. I need a new word… hmmm… how about belieftard or… er… godiot… or… I mean, at this point he has completely lost his own thread of argumentation. “Evolution is the killer!” Oh wait, is he saying there was no flood? Or is he saying that atheists are “angry” that death exists? Or is he saying evolution has a “will”? I mean, wasn’t the original argument that a God who so willfully wields his anger against his own creation is not worthy of worship? Was it ever an argument about the “justice” of death?… Or… I just don’t know what he is talking about… and remember, he’s a popular evangelist who people “follow” and applaud… If this is what happens in his brain, can you imagine the mess inside of theirs?

But then, I guess I don’t have to wonder. Here is the first comment after Ray’s answer…

God bless you, Ray, for answering all these questions, and being so patient when dealing with questions such as the one you just answered. I imagine how tiring and frustrating it must be!

You truly are a man of God, who does everything in His interest, instead of you’re own. I hope I become such a passionate evangelical when I grow up. I’m sure there are many atheists who are willing to actually sit down and discuss, but many of them, especially here, are just here to ask strawman questions, and inject hate into their posts. God bless you, man, for dealing with all this.

God bless you, and thank you for preaching the truth 🙂

At first I thought this must be sarcasm, someone taking the piss. But, you know, having reread it a few times, I think this devotee is completely sincere… I think he thinks just like Ray…


2 Responses

  1. So, in my opinion this guy is not after arguing, just advocating his own opinion. I base that on the way he takes not-quite-right things and use them as arguments.

    It reminds me of a phrase from the good ol’ bible: “The fool hath said in his heart,…”. The fool is not the atheist however. Just as Koska points out in his entry, Comfort seem to lack knowledge about those things he addresses. Illiteracy realy is our biggest enemy.

    It becomes even more apparent from the response to Comfort’s blog. I too think the person in question is genuinly sincere. But strawman question? Anyone can see the basic question and it is natural to ask from what can be read in the bible (which christians themself hold up as perfect and true). Hate? Franckly, oh come on!

    Futher, this way of turning to athority to guarante vality is not only wrong, but quite deranged. It is exactly what makes faith so dangerus, because when your mind disconnect from reality any action becomes valid.

  2. “Illiteracy realy is our biggest enemy.”

    you said it, brother. amen.

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