Recommended Reading (Beaten to the Punch!)

So, I’m going to try to make it a semi-regular thing to fill up more of your day with casual reporting of the interesting, funny, meaningful. Because it’s not like you can have an original thought every damn day! (and we need the hits)… Maddeningly enough, I have been beaten to the punch with the first two things I intended to share (DAMN YOU DAWKINS!). But great artists don’t borrow, they steal. So I am stealing the borrowed, which should at least make me a mediocre artist.

Up first, Steven Weinberg, in a lengthy piece about how, even though we may lose such treasures as religious poetry, science may be kind-of better.

Second, psychologist Jonathan Haidt tells us the real difference between liberals and conservatives. And that, surprise, surprise, we have morality independent of religion. Presumably he will burn in hell for using PowerPoint (or was it Keynote) instead of engraving his talk on stone tablets.


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