McCain Denies Obama is “an Arab”

As if in response to my post from Friday, John McCain seems to be attempting to sequester some of the anger and fear that his campaign has lately worked to incite.

In a post called Stop the Presses!! McCain Reveals a Little Humanity!, Tom D’Antoni describes Republican methods this way:

Anybody who denies that the McCain campaign’s tactics aren’t racist and playing to the latent racism inherent in the Republican party, is either kidding themselves or are simply Republicans.

In any case, the following clip shows a couple encounters from the campaign trail, the last being most interesting. An audience member rather inarticulately accuses Obama of being “an Arab” — notice McCain’s expression of distaste.



One Response

  1. I think that’s more an expression of shame; or maybe self-disgust–for stirring up the racist, lizard-brained crazies … of which, I’m discovering, there are many.

    Be sure to send your thank you’s to faux news’ sean hannity, oreilly, and wingnut radio ala limbaugh, coulter … and of course we can’t ignore poster pinup pitbull, Palin. [wow, i wasn’t even planning on using alliteration!]

    But I’m ashamed for him and for Americans everywhere.

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