Getting Paid to Pray

The article below highlights something that I find incredibly annoying… that churches and other “religious” organizations don’t pay taxes! 

(Reprinted from Topic Agnostic)

Mel Gibson stashes $42 million in his own personal church


Did you know Mel Gibson started his own Catholic church? Like, a seriously Catholic church. It’s called Church of the Holy Family (Jesus’, not the Gibsons), has about 100 members, does mass in Latin, and has assests totaling 42 million bucks.

42 million tax-free bucks.
 The Archdiose of New York, by comparison, had assets last year of $3.4 million. Holy Family owns artwork to the tune of $500 000.

Gibson’s tax receipts this year revealed a $10 million donation for 2007. He built theTraditionalist church for his dad Hutton, presumably because regular Catholics just aren’t traditional enough. Do check out Hutton’s crazy website, with its vengeful-Jesus lightning storm and acres of writings on the Papacy.


One Response

  1. (literally) HOLY FUCKING SHIT.

    That scared the crap out of me. That whole intro thing as you log on is crazy! OMGoodness. Holy shit.

    And then, and THEN, you read all the stuff. Goodness gracious. wow.

    For all the time and money spent on that webpage he coulda probably helped like a gillizon starving people.

    That is the scariest thing I have seen so far this upcoming halloween season. wow.

    And the money. Well, Mel is sittin pretty with this market crash. Praise jebus.


    That evolving cross and the lightening and crap has just melted my brain. ohmygoodness.

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