Sunday Funny #15

Such arrogance, such close-mindedness… 

“I’m sorry madam, you’re going to have to give your brain back, because you are clearly not using it.”


3 Responses

  1. well now. what’s even more astonishing is how many little clones she has in this great country of ours. i think that is the singular thing i’ve been so shocked by this election cycle … that this sort of xenophobic, narrow-minded paranoia isn’t all that fringe. I only wish there had been an 11th commandment … thou shalt all take a logic class. Not that it would have done her any good. She’s clearly is not capable of following one of them other commandmant like love thy neighbor as thy self.

  2. I’m speechless…

    Was that supposed to be funny? Then why am I crying inside?

  3. […] been real and inseparable from him. Whether it is the sort of mind-numbing name-based stupidity of this woman, or simply the fact that more than 20% of our population still call him “Muslim” (to mask their […]

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