A Busy Holiday Weekend

I’m sure it’s too soon to do another open thread.

So… let’s do another open thread!

Last time I learned so much about vampires and zombies, I can’t wait to hear what’s on your minds!


I’m Thankful for this Video

I have to say my heart was warmed by this video of Toby Keith satarizing the “War on Christmas”… but there is also another part of me that fears some folks might miss the satire altoghether. Yeah, I can see it become an honest “protest” song by certain people on the right…

O, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Creating Fear with Large Numbers

Yesterday, a friend of mine brought to my attention a set of figures concerning our government’s injection of money (it doesn’t have) into businesses (that have mismanaged themselves into needing it).

A post at boingboing puts it this wayContinue reading

Broken Record

I know I’ve been harping quite a lot on various little (and most likely insignificant) inanities of religion lately –and today is no exception… but I will also add a little diversity to the post.

First we have this little “follow-up” from the church in Kansas with the “Muslim President” sign:


Also, there is an excommunicating (or is it excommunicable) tidbit of news from the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago. They want to kick out of the faith anyone member of Congress who votes for the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA).


Lastly, you really should watch this video of “Flutebox” Lee! Check out his performance with Beardyman which starts at about minute 13.

The Religion of Political Gain

The Christian Coalition of America has posted a survey to collect statistics in order to back up their postiions on various political issues. I am sure the results of this survey will be highly skewed toward their political ends which makes it all the more annoying that in the introduction to the survey they write:

This is your chance to send a strong message to America’s political leaders as well as members of the media.  Urge them not to ignore the issues and concerns of America’s Christians.  Don’t let them claim that they never heard from you.

In other words, they will be advocating for “America’s Christians” based on how these questions are answered. This technique is a prime example of how religious labels are used to belie and deceive — for certainly, whatever these results show, they will be representive only of a slice of “Christian” opinions in America.

I urge to do your part and take the survey!

Imagine No Religion: An Update

You may recall a post I did last week on the efforts of Atheist/Humanist organizations to “reach-out” to the public. Well, the public, it seems, is not interested. The article below is reposted from Laist.com, but I also recommend wandering over to read the comments at Dawkins site where it is also reposted.

Atheism Only Lasts a Few Days in Rancho Cucamonga


A billboard in Rancho Cucamonga asking viewers to “imagine no religion” was taken down this week after residents and the city complained about its message. The Freedom From Religion Foundation advertisement was first installed last week causing local conversation and complaints. The pressure quickly built up and the General Outdoor sign company took it down.

The foundation’s co-president Annie Laurie Gaylor was not so happy, as expressed in a statement they sent out: “Are religionists so thin-skinned they must squelch free debate? One small freethought billboard in the immense state of California is such a threat to insecure religious egos that it must be censored? With local freethinkers’ help, the Freedom From Religion Foundation would love to plaster the valley with our message. Let’s fight back!”

Open Thread

Nothing caught my eye this morning, and there’s nothing pressing out from within my somewhat crowded mind… so, it’s your turn! Somebody say something interesting (or not) about something!