Predict the Electoral Vote: A Contest

UPDATE: A final bump before election day — come on people, let’s get those guesses in!!! has a neat little interactive map allowing you to “color” states as you see fit and calculate the electoral results. Just click on each state to cycle through red, blue, and undecided.

To see the latests poll results at a State level, go here at CNN:

For much more information electoral, check out this site:

Our Brain Skarpowsky has already published his prediction: Obama 279-259

In any case, I invite all of you post your predictions, the winner will receive… something…

Deadline for predictions is Nov. 1 — Have fun!


5 Responses

  1. Obama 288 – 250

  2. My prediction is…

    Obama 302
    McCain 236

  3. Obama

  4. […] As we’re nearing election time, and two of your editors have called the election for Obama, it may be time to get a whiff of these smelling salts. And don’t forget to post your electoral prediction here. […]

  5. My prediction:

    OBAMA 338
    McCain 200
    Others 0

    Of course it could be an even bigger margin if Obama takes any of NC, MO, or IN as well, but I’ll go with the above as the MOST likely.

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