How Conservatives are Liberals

Last saturday Jerry Springer, the notorious talkshow host and former Democratic mayor of Cincinnati, held a 30 minute speech at the Clinton School of Public Service. The speech mainly addressed the income gap between rich and poor and the lacking healthcare system. There is also a shorter excerpt from the speech on youtube.

The speech and the Q&A session:
The YouTube clip:

Although he inevitably speaks from a liberal viewpoint, he addresses issues which any viable political party tries to address. Springer elegantly puts his finger on what politics should be about, namely the demos in democracy — the people.

In a way we’re all more or less liberal because if we desire a strong and successful society in the end we must care about each other as much as ourself, and we must be tolerant of each other (that is, insofar as we do not limit the freedom of others by our actions).

I always find it amusing when the American right-wing compare liberals to socialism. Being Swedish brings another perspective to things. From our view, Democrats are on the “right” and socialists are just left of center… you can imagine what we think of the Republican party!


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