Our New President, Barack Hussein Obama

What is so inspiringly great about this Obama victory are the obstacles—in both the primary and the general election—that he has had to overcome. The barriers faced by this black (or mixed-race) man named Barack Hussein Obama, however superficial and irrelevant, have been real and inseparable from him. Whether it is the sort of mind-numbing name-based stupidity of this woman, or simply the fact that more than 20% of our population still call him “Muslim” (to mask their own racial prejudice)—he did it. And we will all be better off for his struggle.

First, we will be better because he is better. His willingness to use techniques other than force and fear to convey his message — his eloquence, his learning, his clear ability to inspire confidence regardless of apparent obstacles…

But more importantly we will be better because Obama represents a crack in the damn of prejudice, that real and concrete barrier that has held back the flow of cooperation in our society. I believe that his ability and the example of his character will create in the minds of millions of American a new way of thinking about their fellows. His win represents the defeat of a certain mindlessness that has unnecessarily burdened our ability to cooperate in this country, and truly it is only together we can overcome.

As a child of the 80s, I recall watching Reagan’s speeches and feeling a certain pride in my country that I had never felt before. At that time I was less than informed from a policy perspective, but I understood the positive effects of strong and confident leadership — I felt it for the first time then — and I feel it again now.


8 Responses

  1. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

  2. Cheers for US. Maybe we could have some global progress now please?

  3. I think Powell’s endorsement on Meet The Press a few weeks ago was a turning point for Obama getting the independents and some moderate republicans.

    Here is his take on President elect Obama:

  4. It would be nice if the press would talk about how Obama is better and stop reaching for paradigms to explain this. On the news this AM Brokaw et al were blathering on about how this was the end of race, the end of generations, the end of _____.

    Thought McCain of 2000 showed up for the concession. A very nice piece indeed. Republican leadership seems to be taking this in stride and not being pricks about it, which I think will be key for “Real America”

    A little bit disheartening to hear some comments from “Real America” on the radio today. People talking about how they didn’t think it was right that their whole towns didn’t vote the same way anymore…

    This is not something that I thought I would see in my life. But most of all, it is great b/c as you say the most talented and best candidate won.

  5. I’m with you, I’d like to hear less about “how the republicans lost the election”…

  6. Hey … looks like you’ve got a few mommy-fans! We thank you for keeping our brains between our ears! It’s truly a public service you’se-guys perform.

    Holla Moms!

  7. I heard Tom Brokaw say this morning on Today, while I was getting a teeth cleaning, that an unfortunate, common misconception is that this is an END to racism. It is obviously a giant leap forward but it is obviously not the end. How can it be when there are those who voted for McCain for the mere fact that Obama is a black man? It’s a new day but this is still just the beginning of an uphill battle.

    I’m proud to say that I did not vote against Obama because he is a black man and equally as proud to say that I did not vote for Obama because he is a black man.

  8. I dont think the Republicans have been too bad about “complaining” about the loss. McCain seemed geniune in his speech about working together. (who knows and time will tell) The media seems to be throwing it out there more than anybody, but hey they gotta sell papers right?

    Maybe Brittney spears can get in a fenderbender and they will move on.

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