Through Religious Ears

A couple of days ago, I posted a portion of a speech about Religion/Secularization made earlier this year by Barack Obama. Here are portions of that same speech as interpreted by a heady Christian believer:

This is a level of disingenuousness that borders on lying, and yet, I am sure whoever this guy is, he is “all about” his Christianity.


8 Responses

  1. Gotta love the “taking those passages out of context” argument.

    Must dig out the cliff notes to remember what the right context is for stoning people or sacrificing.

  2. Right, Brain.

    And guess what, 63 million people decicded they like Obama’s “arrogant,” [I say ecumenical, “middle-way”] approach to all things politic.

    How many millions agree w/ this guy? I agree, probably too many, but thank god not enough.

  3. Yeah, exactly Brian.

    Futhermore, many people actualy haven’t read the bible, at least not it it’s entire. They have read the few good parts in there. I’m still waiting for the revised version of the book.

    Ah yes, the ten commandments, let’s look at why we shouldn’t base our moral on them. The three first ones insists on the christian gods exlusivity and superiority. It also insists on transition of “sin” up to four generations.

    The fourth states the seventh day as holy and the fifth urges you to honor your parents so that they live long. Both are non-sensical to state as laws.

    Then the four shall not, of murder, adultary, theft and lieing. Note that orginaly this only concerned jews. Also, the law about adultary is questionable. This is a matter for the persons in question only.

    Lastly a prohibition against envy or desire of your neighbor’s wife, house or property (including slaves). This is an impossible law. Arguing against negative actions of this kind is one thing, but it is to much to forbid contemplating such thoughts.

    Finaly, to address the “good part” of religions. I let this quote from Christropher Hitchins tell the argument:

    “Let anyone name one ethical statement made, or one ethical action performed, by a believer that could not have been uttered or done by a nonbeliever. Can any reader of this column think of a wicked statement made, or an evil action performed, precisely because of religious faith?”

  4. Here’s a great Bible resource…

  5. And yet, millions of religious people got involved with Obama’s campaign and voted for him precisely because they thought Obama was in line with their values, including their religious ones. As a middle-aged church lady, I was delighted to see so many other religious folk volunteering at the local Obama campaign office. 😉

    I like Andrew Sullivan’s moniker ‘Christianist..’ Many times Christians and Christianists vote against one another.

  6. The sad truth is there are people in this country who when asked the question “Should a country made up of people of all religions (and no religion) be governed by one faith?” Would answer “Yes, as long as it’s the right one, Christianity.”

  7. Well then, those people ought to reacquaint themselves with the Constitution; though after the Cheney-Bush show, that will seem like new material.

  8. Anna, well played…

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