The Do-Nothing President Elect


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  1. …..

    Is this a joke, or are they actualy realy stupid?

  2. Seems a little tongue in cheek to me.

    Sounds like someone’s just skewering the all-out negativity and current bitterness of the republicans. note end of vid: “paid for by RNC … on credit.”

  3. unfortunately, it comes too close to how the right-wing base is behaving in the face of their loss. maybe that’s why this isn’t so funny. Believe it or not, it’s not hyperbolic enough.

  4. For example:

    “many on the losing end of last week’s election want to hold on to their anger. And there are those in the media — led by the likes of Limbaugh and Hannity — only too ready to feed that animus, along with their own ratings.”,0,800478.story

  5. Roger,

    it’s American satire, only meant as a joke to those who get it (being objective), but as Miriam says, those who will be judging Obama purely from a opposing standpoint will not be too far off from this kind of thinking.

  6. jesse: scary….

  7. I was talking to a right wing nut yesterday and while I was cautioning that Obama and the newly empowered Democrats should be careful not to go running amok like a bunch of people with GW Bush page-a-day calendars, he seemed to think that the world was Obama’s oyster in a snide way: he has the “act” down, there is not a lot that can be done, the economy can only get better, as long as he doesn’t screw up, he’s the man in 2012.

    But at any rate, the conservative right will need something to cling to since Iraq has left them with empty arms.

  8. I posted this precisely because the parody was, imo, ironic… that is to say, it’s intended as parody, but (as others have pointed out) it is a more or less accurate description of peoples attitudes in certain far-right circles… it is the almost-truth of it that i find interesting…

  9. speaking of certain far-right circles, one of my greatest concerns now is this:

    Election Brought Hard-Right Nationalism Into Light

    Believe me. It’s not so fringe an attitude anymore. I run across it everyday in every socio-economic sphere … neighbors. inlaws. people I don’t have total contempt for. yet. And it doesn’t seem to exist only among the evangelicals. Although devout followers of any religion [except Islam} seem suseptible.

    Radio talkers, Fox and right-wing bloggers intend to do everything to undermine the new administration. They even think Obama’s play “acting” when he calls for reaching out across the ideological spectrum … and that he used mind control techniques to win the election. wtf?

    THIS is a virus we collectively need to innoculate against. But how? Don’t mean to be all doomsday, but it’s the thing that wore me out most during the campaign and it’s not going away any time soon.

  10. It makes me really sad these days that when I hear someone say they are a Republican I automatically think they must be stupid and blind. It really shouldn’t be so divided. We don’t have to all agree but we should at least try to fucking deal with the situations at hand in ways that will keep progress moving forward instead of stopping it in it’s tracks. Last night it was brought to my attention that during McCain’s concession speech his supporters boo’d loudly and during the same speech made 4 years ago by John Kerry (after 4 years of living under Bush) the crowd stood silently. I don’t think that all Republicans are bad or act as childish, disrespectful children but there are enough that put a bad taste in my mouth.

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