Happy Veterans Day… Veterans!

Leave a comment for a veteran here! Or discuss veterans… or even veterinarians, whatever!


5 Responses

  1. I believe that I still have a tube of desert sand you brought me from your time in Kuwait. You rock!

  2. Thanks for your service Tyson.

    you probably arent even off of work today either.

  3. Indeed. Thank you for your dedication to Country. We’re certainly lucky to have you on our side!

    On another note, took the kids to a VA hospital in Newington, CT today and it seemed like a ghost town. No signs saying it was closed, but lots of construction going on … and no entrance we could get in. Very frustrating. Especially w/ a tired two year old in the car. We’re gonna try another one tomorrow. Hopefully they’ll still be intrested in visitors even if we’re 24 hours late.

  4. er… yeah, it wasn’t my intention to milk readers for compliments! My intention was simply to make a space for you to be able to leave comments for the veterans in your life… whoever they may be…

  5. I don’t think anybody believes that was your intention so be gracious, damnit. 🙂

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