The Religion of Political Gain

The Christian Coalition of America has posted a survey to collect statistics in order to back up their postiions on various political issues. I am sure the results of this survey will be highly skewed toward their political ends which makes it all the more annoying that in the introduction to the survey they write:

This is your chance to send a strong message to America’s political leaders as well as members of the media.  Urge them not to ignore the issues and concerns of America’s Christians.  Don’t let them claim that they never heard from you.

In other words, they will be advocating for “America’s Christians” based on how these questions are answered. This technique is a prime example of how religious labels are used to belie and deceive — for certainly, whatever these results show, they will be representive only of a slice of “Christian” opinions in America.

I urge to do your part and take the survey!


7 Responses

  1. link no good

  2. What do you think will happen if the message sent is not the message they intended?

  3. Megan, I am pretty sure they will send the message they intend, regardless of the survey’s results.

    why so many questions about climate change?

  4. never mind I see that I missed the obvious

    “Biblical mandate to care for God’s creation”


  5. Boy, their agenda is front and center, isn’t it, which accounts for the biased questions . . .

    “We’re surveying hundreds of thousands of conservative Christians nationwide, and we will announce the results in Washington, DC in January when the new Congress is seated.”

    I wonder if Sojourners is doing a counter-survey?

  6. P.S. Not that it would matter if Sojourners did, if it was the same b.s. as this one. Serious media don’t bother with completely unscientific advocacy surveys like this, and I doubt most political folks do, either.

    If I actually cared about what my Christian constituents thought, I’d be looking at data from Pew, Barna, Gallup and NORC.

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