I’m Thankful for this Video

I have to say my heart was warmed by this video of Toby Keith satarizing the “War on Christmas”… but there is also another part of me that fears some folks might miss the satire altoghether. Yeah, I can see it become an honest “protest” song by certain people on the right…

O, and Happy Thanksgiving!


One Response

  1. Yes, funny. But methinks there might be more than a little Tobian “truth” in that jest … if not a lotta opportunism. I mean, who can criticize or make fun if it’s launched on Colbert?

    And oh yes, I can see that becoming my sister-in-law’s holiday fav. As an aside, she once said to me, “Miriam, I’ve been a conservative since middle school, and I love it more all the time.” … No really. She actually said that. Like, What the … ?

    p.s. brain and roger … get on facebook. Be my fwiends 😉

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