What’s the Right Answer!?

So I went to this site and took their test. It’s supposed to tell you how well you measure up to God’s judement. Of course I failed. 

So I went back.

When I went back I answered the questions as I thought I was “supposed” to answer them. 

I was found guilty again! I mean, WTF?


Can someone “better” than I figure out what’s going on here?


10 Responses

  1. I love this “Please don’t be discouraged. We urge you to be patient and to continue on. Our straightforwardness is motivated by a genuine concern for your soul.”

    I’m sure it’s all based on the idea that breaking even one of the 10 Commandments makes you immediately not good enough for God and not good enough for Heaven. I’m sure it’s also based on the idea that no one can/will never ever ever ever tell a lie and to answer that you haven’t is, in fact, a lie. Good deeds are fine and dandy but it’s not enough that you are good if you break any of the 10 big rules. I think I learned in CCD that breaking ANY of them is a MORTAL sin. Which means, there’s no hope for your soul.

  2. Here’s another test I found on Candice Cameron’s website a few years ago. I can’t load it here at work but I remember that I failed miserably before anyhow…


    It’s the “Are You a Good Person” test

  3. this is how I understand what’s going on. So, you’re a Sinner. Welcome to the human race. but there is “hope for your soul.” but one hope only. and that is to repent and accept jesus as your savior. otherwise, forget it. you’re doomed.

  4. yes I figured it out. I believe what you are supposed to do to get into Heaven is go to livingwaters.com (which i am having entirely too much fun on)and purchase something like; season 3 of “the way of the master”, the new million dollar bill, or sign up for the evangelism training academy.

    Or perhaps read the FAQs:
    “i was wondering what the best way to witness to someone who doesnt believe that the bible is the word of god”
    (part of)Response: I then, gently (in love), explain to him that if he walked on a freeway, saying that he didn’t believe in trucks, his unbelief wouldn’t change reality.

    anyway after spending my lunch break reading the site brought to us by Ray Comfort and KIRK CAMERON, I started to wonder. lets just say there is a god and heaven and the whole 9 yards. I bet she would smile upon someone making big $ off this and let them into heaven first.

  5. a little off topic, but interesting to note:

    Two New Bibles Preach A Hip, Eco-Friendly Gospel
    by Lynn Neary

    Two new Bibles targeting a young, hip — even secular — audience are hitting bookstores. One is a slick, illustrated version of the New Testament; the other is an environmentally friendly edition that takes advantage of the popularity of the green movement.


  6. haha, that was the best joke survey i ever took! it was either rigged or the survey could actually tell i was lying when i clicked that i’ve never lied before. i probably shouldn’t have been looking lustfully at the picture of Sarah Palin over my computer at the same time….

  7. I think the Commandments only set you up for failure. Some of them are simple, like murder and stealing. Sure no problem not breaking those but the thing is you can’t just stick to 2 or 3, the point is they are ALL “God’s” laws and therefore you have to follow all 10. I think the two most impossible to follow are covetting and lusting. It’s not talking about intentional thoughts it’s not talking about choosing to engage in an adulterous relationship with your neighbors wife it’s talking about even catching a glimpse of her and thinking anything that could be considered lustful about her. And you can’t see someone who seems to maybe have all the good things in life and think “Gee, he’s really got it all” without breaking the law about covetting. The truth is, as they want us to remember, that we are all sinners. Period. But you know what? Fuck your sins. I’m not a God-fearing woman. I’m just a good woman anyway.

  8. @ Megan — what I find weird about stuff like this is that the authors never seem to remember the part where we’re also all forgiven. I think some religious groups find the idea of grace offensive to their morality.

  9. The Ten Commandments don’t set up anyone for failure… they are more like a mirror that reveals the truth about you. And that includes murder, because Jesus said that if you get unjustly angry at someone you have committed murder in your heart. The point of the Ten Commandments is to reveal to us the condition of our soul, just like a bathroom mirror reveal what we look like. We were created to reflect the image of God. The Ten Commandments describe God. When we misrepresent God to the rest of the universe (disobey God), that is sin. And because it is an offense against an infinate God, the punishment is infinate… what’s called the second death, eternity in hell.

    Yes, God forgives us, but just as happens if we break an earthly law… we can be forgiven but we must still pay the penalty (face the consequences), so with God we must also pay the penalty for our misrepresenting God (disobeying God). God is just and justice demands that the penalty be paid for breaking the law.

    But God is also love. Even in love He can not let us go free, because that would not be just, so He did something incrdible. In His love He paid the penalty we owe. He died in our place so that we are free to enter heaven. Now it’s your choice, you can accept what God did for you, or turn your back on God.

    For the mirror, see the Good Person Test at: http://www.911christ.com

  10. Brickballoon, I hear what you are saying… but the question is, why believe any of it? Or, why do you believe any of it?

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