Racists on Inauguration Day

I know there is racism, but I guess I thought people were racist in the quiet of their own home, or perhaps in the safety of the like-minded — in a hick bar somewhere, after a couple of beers, where no one but other racist friends were there to hear them.

But no, it seems that people are quite forthcoming and open about their ignorant racism. On wide-open,  public websites such as  Stormfront one can easily find the ugliest forms of  discrimination and hate, all expressed with gleeful stupidity. The following happens to be the first three entries from the first discussion thread I entered (completely at random).

Bonedaddy: Well, I said it in another thread so here I go again, a prediction.

Obama will no be allowed to fail. 
No matter what new schemes need to be done, no matter the amount of wool the sheeply need supply to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people and no matter the amount of disinformation the talking heads on tv are required to spoon feed the public on a nightly basis, failure will not be an option.
History will show Obama as the most effective president ever, the negro, all negro’s, must be held on high. So I say again, Obongo will not fail.

Chris B: No, I disagree. In a normal economy, I agree with you 100%, but this time, the problem is too big. The problem is, there are not enough schemes to cover this mess. The jewish greed has gone too far this time.

Headlong: Negro ineptitude and corruption has certainly been ubiquitous at other levels of political life – so I don’t see why it would be impossible at the highest.

That exchange left me stunningly appalled and slack-jawed. As most readers know, I regularly re-post ignorant comments uttered from fundamentalist or extreme-religious perspectives — and while in many regards this language is no different, here there is not the slightest effort to legitimize the racist kook’s position. Whites are superior, that’s it.

I have to admit, I couldn’t read much further… I know I will have to, but taking in such soul-sucking foulness is not that easy, and it’s a little depressing / discouraging / paralyzing.

I can only hope that the historic events of this Inauguration Day do not reinforce these people’s hatred and ignorance, pushing them deeper into their demented assumptions about the world. I can only hope there is yet space to let a little light in, that the greatness of today might just make a crack.


20 Responses

  1. It doesn’t surprise me at all, the anonymity of the internet gives these people the best forum in the world. They can say whatever they want with no repercussions.

    I also am not shocked by this b/c one day I ended up on the Baltimore Sun’s talk forum page, it was pretty much the same garbage as above. I will just sum it up by saying that I left that site with a little less faith in mankind.

  2. From the preachers lips at the inauguration came:

    We long for a day when brown can stick around,….when yellow will stay mellow,… where white will do what’s right….WTF?

    We now have a racist as a president, congratulations, nice job.

  3. Er…Thozz is obviously not aware that the president didn’t a) make that quote and b) the Reverend who did was merely adding levity while repeating the motto’s of the day of Civil Rights activists. What a crudball and stupid.

  4. I agree, but maybe you should look at your self also. “I know there is racism, but I guess I thought people were racist in the quiet of their own home, or perhaps in the safety of the like-minded — in a hick bar somewhere, after a couple of beers, where no one but other racist friends were there to hear them.” The fact that you mentioned a hick bar somewhere makes you know better then them. Why is it o.k. for you to be predigest torge someone based on where they live, but someone else can’t be based on their color. WAKE UP!

  5. O, don’t worry yourself none. I know that being a hick doesn’t mean you’re necessarily racist. I mean, that’s right isn’t it? Are you a hick? Are you racist?

    Now if I’d said all hicks in bars suffered from intellectual ineptitude — well, then you’d be quite right to point out that I was, if not racist, at least strongly biased against hicks in bars…

    As it stands I’ve met plenty of hicks in plenty of bars that were neither racist nor intellectually inept, and I assume you have too, no?

  6. “predigest torge someone based on where they live”???

    i can only translate this “sentence” to actually say, “prejudiced toward someone based on where they come from”. so, is there truely a Hickville? and is it bad to be from there? i wouldn’t think so.

    if your point to make is that prejudice should be fair all across the board, you are just making an excuse to perpetuate ignorance.

    if you want to move forward and do away with racism, fascism, or liberalism….stop seeing it in any comment you read. if you want to keep any of those views, you have been outnumbered as of today.

  7. This is insane, that blacks can show racism against whites while complaining against racism themselves. What hyporcrites. And to see Obama’s face smiling during this racists black “preacher’s” comments. Sickening.

    This is the very thing that CAUSES racism and divide. This is not about skin color. It isi about paybacks and quotas and special interests that causes this divide. When there is no more BLACK MISS AMERICA there will be no racism. Racism is CAUSED by the blacks. They are the ones that perpetuate it by forcing division.

  8. SS: I think you suffer from what’s caused “willful blindness,” but I am going to grant you a point. Having a Black Miss America is not perfect — but when an entire race of people has been repressed and discriminated against for so long, have a beauty pageant to celebrate their beauty is hardly the kind of afront that “causes” racism… you are simply looking for an excuse to keep your racist ideas… and you make me sick…

  9. What an ingenius scheme – to create and maintain racism for CENTURIES only to perpetuate continued injustices against yourself so that you are then justified to reverse racism and stick it to the man if and when you finally start to pull ahead. Ingenius.

    At first I don’t think I even understood the total ramifications of what we, as a nation, had accomplished. Until Monday night on the news I learned that there are 8 African-Iraqis who are running for office with the hope of President Obama at their backs.

  10. Tyson: You need to realize that every race has been sold in to slavery at one time or another throughout history. Every race has been “repressed” and “discriminated” against for one reason or another. There is nothing that gives one race the right to act this way. Perfect example is the N word, they can call each other that but no one else can, why? Obama says it’s not about race, yet the entire inauguration was about racism, why?

  11. We can talk about race and racial inequities without being racist. Racism is discrimination based on race. It is about not giving some a job, or distrusting them, or thinking they are inferior based on the color of their skin. Calling a black person a “niger” is racist because it is meant to demean and belittle… the fact that same term can be used by a black person and not have the effect is not racism. Is it really that hard for you to understand?

  12. It’s funny, Obama has said countless times that color doesn’t matter, it’s not about race, it’s about the better man winning, yet the entire inauguration was turned in to exactly that. “Our Time”, as some african americans are saying. M.L.K. said him himself, “..a dream of a land where men will not argue that the color of a man’s skin determines the content of his character.” Yet we still have remarks like this, instead of becoming one race, the human race. Call it what you will, but in my eyes this is not right.

  13. S: I’m curious to know, what about Obama’s speech bothered you, can you give an example?

  14. I’m a Hick, and not a racist. But I do discriminate as we all do. I don’t care what color Barack’s skin is but I do care about his policies. I think if you live in the city it is hard for you to understand any of us so called “Hick’s” and the values and traditions that we hold so dear and are challenged and eroded by people like Barack every day.

    I think the whole problem I have with this deal is that in general black people don’t want to let it go. Its like an ex girlfriend that you have gotten over but yet you bring her up all the time and therefore you never get over her. It gives them an excuse for all kinds of things, how come I can’t say that I didn’t get that job cause I was white, that guy was looking at me funny cause I am white etc.

    I am of Jewish/Israeli decent, so how come us Jews aren’t out there playing the pity party/race card? We have been discriminated against, enslaved, slaughtered and to this day are threatened to be destroyed by multiple countries every day and have suffered far more racism than African Americans. Next time someone looks at me funny or doesn’t give me a job I will just say its because I am a Jew, we will see how far that one goes huh?

    Its funny also how us a “whites” get blamed for the slavery alone, what they forget to mention is that many of them were sold to us by their own family and other blacks. In many parts of Africa the slave trade is still alive and strong today. But we would never hear about that.

    I don’t judge anyone by the color of their skin but by their actions and the words that come from their mouth. If they want to keep the wound open than that is their right, but it does not accomplish anything. Now that a African American is president what excuse do they have now?

    There is my rant, go ahead and crucify me and call me a racist hick, I have thick skin.

  15. A couple of comments regarding the above posts:

    Yes, racism exists and will continue to exist forever. A flaw in the human character is something called “ethnocentricity.” It simply means that every group, on some level, considers itself to be superior to all other groups. That doesn’t mean that the angels of our better nature can’t prevail and we treat each other with respect and dignity.

    I think the black community can do a lot to improve race relations by curtailing the use of the word “nigger,” or “nigga” or any other variation. The idea that it is a term of affection when spoken by blacks is not entirely accurate.

    I’ve heard it used as a derisive term by blacks against blacks and it serves exactly the same purpose it served when whites used it. if one black calls another black a “stupid, nappy-headed nigga,” I don’t think that’s a term of affection. I’m a Jew. We don’t call each other Kikes as a term of affection and then get offended when someone else uses the word. The word is offensive, no matter who says it.

    In addition, black comedians and artists have taught an entire generation of whites the word through their comedy and music. I would venture that by the mid 1980s, you rarely whites say “nigger” even among themselves. On the rare instance when a white person used it among strangers, he would be shunned by other whites as trash. I’m not saying people didn’t still have racist views; they just didn’t use the word.

    Now you can’t turn on the TV or the radio without hearing it. Generations of white children from the suburbs know it, thanks to Fifty Cent and Nelly and NWA, a group so enamored of the word they had to put it in their group’s name.

    A good rule is to behave with dignity, regardless of your race, an d people will treat you with dignity.

  16. “M.L.K. said him himself, “..a dream of a land where men will not argue that the color of a man’s skin determines the content of his character.” Yet we still have remarks like this…”

    So it’s racist to try to fashion a colorblind nation by quoting a black man who suggested a day would come where it would be character not color that defined a man’s worth. And it’s racist to, on the day it seems we’ve made progress, to quote this man? Is this a joke? Isn’t this like that crap when McCain’s camp wanted you to show how racist you were not by voting not voting for Obama.

  17. “Isn’t this like that crap when McCain’s camp wanted you to show how racist you were not by voting not voting for Obama.”

    God you are ignorant, so since I voted for McCain, now I am a racist? I voted against Obama because I believe he and other Liberals are eroding what this Great Country was founded on, not because of his color. I don’t care what color he is, that has no bearing on my decision. The fact that you liberals always try to use this moronic argument that since we disagree with Obama were are some sort of Bigot is childish. I believe it is mostly because many of you are using this argument because you are politically retarded and uniformed.

  18. Bo: I think Megan was referring to another post on this blog. It was a commentary I wrote on Dinesh D’Souza who tried to reason that it was actually racist to vote for Obama. In spirit, I absolutely agree with you, we should be making our decisions based on deeds and vision, not based on skin color, religion, sex-orientation, or any other number of factors. If that is really what you believe as well, why do you resort to personal attacks like, “you are politically retarded”?

  19. Tyson, you are correct m’dear. I was referring to your D’Souza piece. I do not hold a blanket belief that if you did not vote for Obama it is merely because you are racist. Because being black isn’t one of the big issues we’re facing today. I know that my father, for instance, voted on the abortion issue alone; my boyfriend, being a business owner voted for who he thought would best help him keep his business running.

    In all fairness – not only do I think it would be inappropriate to act in a negative way toward someone because of their skin color, religion, ethnicity, etc….but I also think it would be inappropriate to act in a positive way toward someone solely because of their skin color, religion, ethnicity, etc.

  20. I should email u about this.

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