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My name is Tyson Koska. I teach by night and consult by day. With BAs in Philosophy and English and an MA in Liberal Studies — I feel qualified to comment on just about anything…

…but what interests me most are the odd, random, and dangerous beliefs of so many of my fellow human monkeys.

Currently, I’m an adjunct faculty member at Towson U (Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies), as well as an IT Consultant for a small Baltimore firm.

Here are a few things I’ve written:

Breakfast (published in Burrow Magazine, this a short story about picking cereal and brain trauma),

In Egypt, the Message is “Yes to Americans, No to America” (published in the Baltimore Chronicle & Sentinel),

Come Hell or Highwater (musings about damnation, published in FLAUNT),

Transiting the familiar and the strange (published in the Journal of Philosophy and Geography).

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  1. Very promising start by one of the most original thinkers I had the pleasure to meet. The religion pathology reveals much about the disintegration of our tradition bonds of community and tribal identity and how tempting it is for many of us to re-energize these ancient forms as our last line of defense. Was it Dostoevsky who said, “The only thing people desire more than freedom is slavery?” Whoever said it — the sentiment is not at all far fetched.

    When Bill Maher was on a Larry King’s retrospective on the life and work of George Carlin a few weeks ago, he mentioned that he had a movie satarizing the insanity of religion coming out this October. It is as yet untitled but Maher characterizes it as “Borat meets Farenheit 911”. Should be alot of fun and piss alot of people off. You should review it in this blog.

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