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Obama Takes in 6 Times More Cash — Among the Military!

Having been in the military myself and still having quite a few former-military friends, this story really surprised me. It seems that Obama is significantly out-raising McCain for $$$ from soldiers abroad, very significantly:

A new analysis shows the vast majority of US troops serving abroad have donated to candidates running on strong anti-war platforms, with presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama out-raising his Republican opponent by a 6-to-1 margin.

Furthermore, among all military members (both home and abroad) although Republicans are out-raising Democrats generally, when it comes to the presidential race, Obama is taking in 57% of the donations… 

Maybe to some readers that may not seem strange — I mean, who stationed in Iraq wouldn’t want to donate to the guy who will bring him/her home faster, right? Well, when you’re in the middle of “the shit” you tend to get a little patriotic and pro-military. You tend to see what you’re doing as the “right” thing, and you sure as hell don’t want to think you’re wasting your time… Continue reading